3 "High" Ballots this November

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Three states are voting this November whether to maintain the ban over marijuana or to allow production and sale for recreational purposes.

In Oregon, the Measure 80 may establish a commission charged with licensing growers and selling marijuana through state-run stores in case of approval, which seems hard due only 37 per cent of popularity against 41 per cent of rejection according to latest polls.

But the other two initiatives are polling well. Washington voters are showing 57 per cent of support towards Initiative 52, which would authorize private pot stores regulated by the state liquor commission.

Meanwhile, 51 per cent of Colorado citizens are in favor of Amendment 64, which would allow home cultivation of up to six plants and create a licensing system for growers and retailers; 40 percent were opposed.

Experts say nothing is certain for many polls showed strong support for failed California's Proposition 19 before the voting. Anyhow, any state going against federal drug policy will be a serious problem for Barack Obama, who will face during the remains of his administration any special marijuana state law.

Although Obama admitted to smoked marijuana during his youth, he has continuously denied any modification in the general ban of this substance for recreational purposes.