Friday, September 28th 2012 (2)

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Friday on our Weekly Roundtable we are in full election watch.

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World leaders descended on the United Nations this week for the annual General Assembly speeches.  President Obama talked tough, and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu did more saber rattling about war with Iran, he actually displayed a graphic of a bomb.  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad disappointed no one when he ironically spoke on Yom Kippur, and blasted Israel and the West.  Is this a display of a road to nowhere or a road to mass destruction?

And then there are the ever growing numbers of polling data in this election year. President Obama seemingly now has a solid lead.  But could the poll numbers actually spell trouble for both sides of the isle?  Also Todd Akin who talked about “legitimate rape” is now being accepted back into the GOP mainstream fold?  What does that tell us about Romney’s strategy? 

And, is there really any difference between the Democrats and Republicans in the area of foreign policy?  Much of the left argue there is not.  

Panelists are: Jackie Goldberg; Tom Hayden; Dr. Gerald Horne.


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